Nutrition Tips for Athletes

Nutrition Tips for Athletes

An apple a day keeps a doctor away. It is a statement that is passed from generation to generation as it still marks true on the grounds that a proper and healthy diet can have beneficial effects on your body. All kinds of fruits, vegetables, greens etc., should be an a part of a good and nutritious diet.It goes a long way, especially for athletes. They are the people who truly need the nutrition to keep them moving throughout the day. They need to build on the stamina and fight physically and mentally to keep themselves in a fit position .Healthy food keeps your body regulated and the blood will circulate properly.

You can build up your muscles or just make your bones stronger and just improve your physique with a good diet followed up with some exercises. Since you eat properly, your soul will also stay light and your mass will be able to fight against many diseases, strengthening the immune system. A proper nutritious diet also helps heal the injuries much quicker and keep the skin rejuvenated. In short, you will automatically cut off junk food and all unhealthy items and you will feel the remarkable change in your body.  You need to make sure that you have a diet that is packed up with power. Here are a few tips and practices, if included in your daily routine ,will benefit your body immensely.

Drink fluids regularly

Nutrition Tips for AthletesYou should drink fluids regularly. Not only does it help free you from thirst but it also helps in flushing out toxins in the body. 1 to 2 liters are a must and it totally depends on your intake capacity. For athletes, 400-800 ml per hour of exercise tends to be the approximate measure of consumption.

Protein & Carbohydrates

You should have a proper intake of proteins and carbohydrates in your diet. Since you already workout a lot, you can eat plenty of carbohydrates and not worry about adding it to your fat instead.

Include Iron and Calcium

Dairy products are a good source of calcium. Including milk, yogurt and eggs in your diet will boost up your energy and strengthen your bones.

Eating Habits

Nutrition Tips for AthletesPlan your diet in advance and follow the schedule. Don’t skip any of the three meals and also eat some light snacks in-between for an energy boost.

Sodium Foods

For athletes, sodium enriched foods are very helpful in pumping up the body. Add in soups and pretzels or a sprinkle of salt on oat meals and chips to regulate a good circulation level.

Fuel up your body

Since you work out a lot, remember to grab a snack and fill out the gaps after you exercise. It will improve your stamina levels.

Say no to Sugar

Lastly, sugar is not good for you. It is actually not good for anyone. Cut down on your sugar intake. Cakes, frizzy drinks, sweets etc. are a “no”.  They don’t have any nutritional value and only add up calories. They also make you lazy. Keep a check on your diet plan and keep on improvising it.

Is Coffee Good for Athletes?

Coffee Good for Athletes

Coffee is a boost up that starts your day and makes you ready to sparkle over the world. It is a common drink that is a routinely consumed and usually an essential part of your diet. You just need to have a cup to start of the day and the difference in energy level is clearly seen when you miss out on having it. The bodies freshness and activeness can easily be seen. It should also not be consumed in excess as it becomes harmful. Athletes often get confused whether they should have coffees or not. These people have an active body and are packed with power already; do you really think you need to have coffee to boost you up, when you already do workout regularly? Do you need it to push yourself? Is coffee good for you, or should you cut down on in?

Coffee Good for AthletesWell not to worry anymore since we have proofs to clear out all the misconceptions. Yes, definitely coffee is good for you. It won’t harm you or upset your system. The most important ingredient in coffee is caffeine. Caffeine is naturally known to boost up the energy levels. It is good for you if consumed before a work out session. The caffeine will pump you up and give that extra push that you need to continue working out properly. You can easily make coffee with the help of coffee machines, there are popular brands available which produce quality units.

Many studies have been carried out that have supported the use of caffeine for athletes. It has boosted the performance of many and continues to be anintegral part of their diet. Caffeine has found to have reduced adenosine levels that reduce the chances of feeling lethargic and keeps you active for much longer periods.

Coffee Good for AthletesScience has provided some of the most important reasons to support the use of coffee. Caffeine is good for helping you burn up the fat. When consumed before a workout, it helps convert the fat cells to energy and burn those carbs. It raises the metabolism level and also helps in reducing your appetite as you feel full for a longer time period. Caffeine also blocks the neurotransmitters that relax your muscles thus athletes can benefit from a better energized performance .

If you still are not convinced by it than here is an interesting fact for you. Caffeine is included in a lot of pre-workout supplements. As caffeine is a booster it makes you ready for the day and you won’t get sluggish. Check out your supplements and see the list of active ingredients on it.

Hence proved caffeine is good for you. The highlighters are that it should be consumed to a nominal level. Two cups of coffee give you the caffeine level that you need before an intense workout. This is around 100-200mg of caffeine. As caffeine also has the ability to keep you awake, it is beneficial to consume in the day time only. Also remember that over consumption will only harm you so quantify your cups properly and enjoy your coffee.