Famous Formula 1 Racing Tracks Around the World

Formula 1 (F1) racing began its history as soon as automobiles were invented, and since then, with just a short halt during World War II, motorsport had taken the world by storm.

Undoubtedly, F1 racing is now an important ingredient in motorsports entertainment – all thanks to the legendary drivers and manufacturers who became world champions by relentlessly showing power and incredible feats in the Grand Prix.

Race circuits and tracks share the same prestige with the drivers and their cars. Some of these circuits have been etched in the F1 history and will forever be remembered by an avid F1 fan. Here are some of the most famous Formula 1 Racing Tracks Around the World.


When you get to spectate an F1 race event amidst the flashy nightlights within the heart of Singapore city, you knew you just had one of the best F1 experiences of your life. Marina Bay is quite a spectacle itself with the calm city bathed in sparkling lights, surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi

Marina Bay hosts the only nighttime street race in F1, making it one of the most beautiful races in the F1 calendar fans should include on their bucket list. Its main event, the Singapore Grand Prix, is a modern classic of F1 racing.


This circuit is situated near the town of Hockenheim is home to the German Grand Prix ever since its first race in 1970. F1 fans share a unanimous agreement that this circuit is one of the most entertaining among the F1 tracks.

Hockenheim winds through a wide background of greens, featuring lush forests and breath-taking landscapes while being a little bit tricky with its twisty chicanes.


In Japan, the Suzuka Circuit was originally designed as a Honda test track back in 1962, but it has been home to the Japanese Grand Prix since 1987. This circuit is a curious one, with its special ‘figure eight’ layout. There are only two of their kind, the other one being the Fiorano Circuit.

Suzuka Circuit layout

What makes Suzuka special is that it is one of the few oldest Formula One World Championship tracks that remained to satisfy drivers and fans alike.


The Monaco circuit is home to one of the Triple Crown of Motorsport, the Monaco Grand Prix. It is actually a street circuit, located in Monte Carlo and La Condamine’s city streets, hence its common name, ‘Monte Carlo.’

Circuit de Monaco entices drivers and fans with its glamour and prestige that equal that of the motorsport itself.


In Italy, the Monza Circuit is third of the world’s purpose-built motor racing circuit, following after Brooklands and Indianapolis. It hosts one of the most traditional race events in the calendar, the Italian Grand Prix, with a long history stretching back to the late 1940s.

The circuit was built in the Royal Villa of Monza park, covering three tracks. F1 drivers are mostly on a full-throttle with its long straights and fast corners to maintain momentum while showing off their car’s raw speed.


Aside from being one of the most sought-after tracks by F1 drivers for the old-school vibe it exudes, Silverstone also shares its history with F1 racing. In 1950, the first of the modern F1-era cars race in this British circuit.

In its constant makeover since 1997, Silverstone has become a must-see circuit for every F1 enthusiast featuring modernized and world-class facilities.


Located at the heart of Ardennes in Belgium, this track is known to be the ‘Driver’s dream.’ It is one of the F1 tracks famous for its unforgiving corners. While this was famously known as the ‘Driver’s dream,’ the track itself is as tricky as it gets, claiming more than 10 F1 drivers in the 1960s.

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps features a speedy surface with some risky twists and turns down the corner. These post quite a challenge to F1 drivers hoping to get the trophy.


Ultra-modernistic and grandiose – Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi is a magnificent attraction on its own, and having to witness a race event happen here as an F1 racing fan is, for others, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Yas Marina boasts the Middle Eastern opulent and modernized ambiance making it a perfect venue for prestigious motorsport such as F1.

The place is a spectacle of yachts owned by the rich and famous, giving it its old grand Prix vibe while exuding a more modernized atmosphere than other F1 circuits. Its flashy, grand lights bear witness to the new world champion’s crowning – a stately welcome indeed.