Games You Can Quickly Play With Any Group

Whether it’s for a party, a simple get-to-together with friends, an activity in the office, or a weekend family night, games are surefire to bring plenty of fun and laughter. What’s great is that games don’t always require a lot of prep time and materials. Some only need a little setup but are easy to learn and enjoy! With that in mind, here are the games you can quickly enjoy with any group – be ready to have a blast with everyone!


Starting this list is Charades, the old reliable and always entertaining group favorite. Get everyone to write names of people, shows, movies, or concepts to act out. Divide the group into two and have a representative draw a word. The player then should act it out while their respective team guesses what it is within 2 minutes. Switch teams after two minutes and repeat the process. Whichever team reaches the chosen number of points wins. Spice it up by shortening the time, adding prohibited actions and signals, or cranking up the most challenging words to even elevate the fun in this tried-and-tested game.

Laughing Game

Though kids are the ones who most enjoy this game so much, who says adults can’t do the same? Get everyone to sit in a circle facing one another. Each one should take turns saying or acting something that can make each other laugh. The goal is to keep a straight face and prevent yourself from bursting out laughing. Sounds easy? Well, try it when everyone else is already screaming “ha,” “hee,” or “ho” in the background. The last person to not laugh wins the game!

Musical Chairs

You might have played this as a kid, but your group can still get the fun from it even as an adult. Arrange chairs or cushions in a circle. The number of seats should be minus one than the total number of participants. Assign one member to run the music and get everyone to dance around the chairs. When the music stops, every member should find a seat. The person who fails to get one is out of the game. Take one chair and restart until you get a sole winner. Of course, you can make use of other materials, such as using hats instead when you’re in the office or inflatable pool rings when you’re at a beach party.


Pictionary is a classic, easy to play, and fun for all ages! You don’t need to purchase the actual board game. All you need to prepare is a marker, a drawing area, and a word list. Divide the teams into two. Then, decide on a scoring goal and the playing time for each player. Next, choose a team to go first and have one member pick a word. They must draw the word the team guesses it. Switch teams, and whoever reaches the scoring goal first wins. This game will be a huge hit as each one will get to showcase their drawing skills. Plus, see how they can draw words, such as eclipse, whisk, century, or T-rex.

React and Act

Do you want to test your friend, co-workers, or family’s acting skills instead? It’s time to theatrical by playing React and Act. Each one should think of different events in which they should act and write them down on paper. Collect them all in a bowl, and from it, the player should draw one event they should react to using animated words, gestures, and expressions while everyone tries to guess what it is! It would be entertaining to see how each one will act out different scenarios, such as winning the lottery, seeing their celebrity crush, or finding a giant spider on your bed. Don’t forget to give an award to the best actor!

Never Have I Ever

This one doesn’t need any material, but just everyone’s recollection of their past and sheer honesty. Have everyone sit in a circle and begin with one player telling something he has never done in his life, like “never have I ever cheated on a test” to “never have I have ever seen a giraffe.” Whoever has done it has to hold one finger up, and whoever gets three fingers up is out. Continue going around the circle with each person making a statement until only one is left and emerge as a winner. There are penalty or alcoholic variations, which can make things more exciting. Just be careful with statements. Set rules if you have conservative guests, co-workers, or family members around.


Got a deck of cards? Take them (sans the Jokers) and play the quick game of Spoons. It’s exciting and swift, but it’s a card that everyone can still play.

Start by assigning a dealer who should hand four cards to each player. Afterward, the dealer keeps the remaining cards in a pile to his right. Get a set of spoons (one less than the number of participants) and arrange them at the center of the table.

The dealer then should start drawing one card from the pile and passing one to the person on his left. Players should only hold four cards at once. The succeeding players do the same. Picking up the card discarded by the person on his right and passing it along to their left.

The goal is to get four identical cards. Once a player does so, he or she should grab a spoon. Then, all the other players must grab theirs, too. Whoever fails to get a spoon is out. Play again until one player emerges as the winner.


Telephone is another oldie but goodie that any group can play quickly but get tons of laughter. Gather everyone in a circle. Choose one complex phrase and whisper it to the person next to you – strictly no repeats! That person will pass the message he or she heard to the person next to them. Repeat it until it gets back to you. Everyone will surely laugh their heads off, seeing how the phrase has become so distorted. You can even play upbeat music while the game progresses to keep things more challenging and thrilling.


Sometimes, the best games that elicit long-lasting memories are the ones you can play in a breeze with your loved ones and colleagues. Not much prep or props are needed, but they will undoubtedly give your group sheer fun and an unmatched amount of laughter. While it is true that seniors need to play and enjoy leisure activities, they also need to exercise using equipment such as best-selling elderly treadmills.