Gifts to Give to Peloton Lovers

Buying gifts for the special people in your life is not easy. You have to know their interests and, often, pinpoint what they need. The best gifts are the ones that can come in handy instead of just lying around uselessly. If you have a fitness junky in your life and you are looking for gift ideas, you have landed at the right place. 

Let’s look at the best and most suitable gifts for all the Peloton lovers in your life.

What is Peloton? 

Now, anyone with an active social media account must have come across one or more influencers marketing about their favorite Peloton routines, workouts, fitness classes and sharing their workout playlists. This indoor cycling brand surged in demand when people kept on continuing their fitness routine even when stuck at home during the lockdown.

Peloton is an indoor cycling machine that lets you take fitness classes and make your own playlist to share with the world. It is also very good for our health and keeps numerous illnesses at bay.  

Best Gifts for Peloton Lovers 

1. Battery-operated Clip-on Flexible Tripod Rotating Fan 

Battery-operated Clip-on Flexible Tripod Rotating Fan


  • Portable 
  • Sturdy 
  • Safe for use around kids


  • A little pricey 
  • Not very long-lasting 

Although these fans are designed for baby strollers, they are pretty useful for using while breaking a sweat on the Peloton. This fan has three flexible legs for securely attaching to the handle of your Peloton bike, and the legs easily just wrap around the rods like octopus’ legs.

This battery-operated fan can rotate up to 360 degrees and offers three different levels of speed adjustment. It creates the perfect cool breeze by horizontal or vertical adjustment according to the user’s needs. The best thing about this battery-operated, flexible fan is its quietness.

It operates on a whisper working mechanism, thus, making a minimal sound. You can easily charge it with a USB cable and run it for a long time, thanks to its long-lasting 2600mah battery. This amazing rotating and versatile fan is designed to be extremely safe for handling as the cover of the fan has minimal space for your kids’ fingers to pass through. Therefore, you can safely leave it wrapped on your Peloton handle with your little ones around. 

It is the best gift for a Peloton lover as nothing beats the spirit of fitness and working out except killing heat during the summers.

2. Laptop tray compatible with Peloton bikes for the workaholic fitness fanatic 

Laptop tray compatible with Peloton bikes for the workaholic fitness fanatic


  • Workstation for your Peloton bike 
  • Holds several items
  • Non-slip
  • Easy to clean


  • Not very stain-resistant 

If the Peloton lover you know is also a workaholic, it is time to gift them something that can enhance their productivity without compromising their fitness routine. This tray by TFD fits a Peloton like a glove and steers your productivity higher. It is a Spintray that can become your workstation on the Peloton bike. 

You can attend informal meetings, view work videos, or read while keeping yourself fit. It has a sturdy sportive acrylic tray that fits the bike handles and can hold heavy objects such as books, laptops, or tablets. 

The best thing is that this multi-tasking Spintray by TFD is not designed without considering your optimum convenience. It comes with a neoprene rubber ledge and gel pad coaster that keeps your valuable items on the tray from falling. You can place your coffee mug, laptop, phone, books, or whatever you want without any fear of falling and stopping your routine. 

One of the best things about gifting this to a Peloton lover is its low maintenance quality. It is extremely convenient to wipe clean, and the transparent acrylic helps keep its outlook shiny and hygienic. 

3. Bike Seat Cushion

Bike Seat Cushion


  • A great choice for saving backbone and tailbone
  • Comes in various colors
  • Thick padding to provide extra comfort


  • A tad bit pricey 
  • It can slide out a little, but you can tighten it
  • The seat cushion adds several inches to the height, making you feel like you are sitting higher than normal.

Another best gift idea for Peloton lovers is to make their fitness routine more comfortable. Pain in the tailbone due to uncomfortable seating is nothing but excruciating for fitness junkies. This seat cushion with a high-quality gel pad is an item made in heaven for Peloton lovers. 

It can fit the seat of the Peloton bike perfectly and can be tied from the bottom so that it does not slip. You can extend your biking time using this gel-padded cushioned bike seat as there is nothing more convenient than being comfortable in your Peloton bike. 

The saddle of this gel seat is about 11 into 7 inches, so you can order according to your Peloton bike. 

4. Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds


  • Blocks all the outside sounds 
  • Easy touch press or swipe controls 
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Best to use with phones 


  • None so far

Living with a roommate and not being able to blast your workout playlist is sad and quite demotivating. Pumping music encourages your body to move and makes your fitness routine less of a routine and more of an enjoyment. 

Peloton lovers living with a roommate can make use of these best noise-canceling earbuds. These are the most effective in blocking out all outside noises and letting you focus on your exercise. Once you put these on, make sure that you have your fitness goals in mind, and then nothing can stop you from them.

These amazing noise-canceling earbuds by Bose offer a volume optimizer that manages sound output quality. Gifting these earbuds is the best idea for Peloton lovers as they make exercising fun and focused. 

The best feature of these earbuds is the simplicity of their controls. You can tap, swipe, or press for various functions without stopping dead in your tracks. 

Moreover, the battery life of these earbuds is also long-lasting, as you can use them uninterruptedly for about 6 hours after a single full charge. Charging options include a charging case that is compatible with a USB-C charger. You can also charge it with a compatible charging mat, which is not included in the package. 

5. Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster

Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster


  • Makes yoga easier for Peloton lovers 
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to wash 
  • Easy storage 


  • Pricey 
  • Not available in larger sizes for plus-sized people  

Some of the fitness classes on Peloton also require getting off the bike and doing some stretching and rolling. This flat and extremely stable yoga bolster is the best item for fitness lovers who love to do everything on their Peloton bikes. 

It is flat from top to bottom, offering exceptional stability and firmness. It helps maintain several yoga poses for you and makes it easier to follow the instructions in the class. The upholstery of the cushion is made from high-quality fabric that is tough in the face of wear and tear. 

This Hugger Mugger yoga bolster pillow seat measures about 25 x 11 x 5 inches. The best thing about this yoga bolster is that it is very lightweight to carry around and store accordingly. 

6. Saucony Women’s High-Performance Heel Tab Athletic Socks 

Saucony Women’s High-Performance Heel Tab Athletic Socks


  • High breathability 
  • Sweat-resistant 
  • Non-slip 


  • Hand-wash only 

Nothing makes your exercise routine convenient other than comfortable workout wear. So, if you have a fitness junkie in your life and you are raking your brain about gifting them something useful, this is the best option. These extremely comfy heel socks by Saucony offer the utmost comfort while riding your Peloton bike. 

It is designed with a pull-on closure technique that provides coverage to your ankle as well. These socks are made from Airmesh Venting Technology to enhance their breathability and make them more convenient to wear during a strenuous workout. 

The most appreciable feature of these socks is that they are equipped with special cushioning in the targeted areas that bear the most impact when doing exercises. Moreover, these have a comfortable toe seam so that it irritates you less than the other regular socks. The arch support in these socks is designed to provide the utmost stability and support. There is a wide range of colors that you can choose from. 

7. Amazon Halo Band

Amazon Halo Band


  • Personalized suggestions 
  • Accurate tracking 


  • Expensive 

If there is anything that lets fitness fanatics sleep comfortably, it is updated monitoring of their sleep patterns, calories tracking, heart rate, etc. Therefore, there is nothing more suitable than gifting a fitness band to a Peloton lover. 

This fitness Halo band by Amazon offers a wide range of tools that you get after getting a membership, such as various workout suggestions, a full suite of tools, programs, etc. It is extremely vigilant in monitoring your health and lifestyle. With this Halo band, a Peloton lover can keep track of sleep, total steps in a day, calorie burn, and effective meditation exercises from experts such as Headspace. 

A plus feature that comes with this amazing band is the analysis of the tone with which you communicate. It maintains a record and helps provide suggestions to improve your communication pattern. Halo works with Alexa, recording and analyzing your overall health summary, sleep quality, activity score, and much more. 

8. RUNNING GIRL Crisscross Sports Bra for Women

RUNNING GIRL Crisscross Sports Bra for Women

Finding suitable fitness wear is the most difficult job for any fitness fanatic. A sports bra that holds securely while facilitating movement is the match made in heaven for Peloton lovers. The crisscross design of this sports bra gives extreme coverage and support for all the exercises. 

It is made with a fabric called Lycra that allows extra stretch while also retaining its original shape. It is the most comfortable and shape-retaining sports bra for women. It also has an anti-moisture technology enabling it to keep you dry all the time during strenuous exercise. 


Well, it’s easy to see why people love Peloton bikes so much. They’re fun, flashy, and offer a lot of versatility when it comes to their features. If you’ve got someone who is serious about riding and has a Peloton bike, chances are that they’d love to have some of these Peloton cycling accessories wrapped up nicely as a holiday or birthday gift!