HIIT vs LIIT Workouts

Doing a regular physical activity, just like working out, is essential in improving our muscle strength and enhance our muscle endurance. Exercising helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to our tissues, which allows the different systems, especially our body’s cardiovascular system, to work more effectively. It does not only help our body gain more energy and avoid fatigue, but it can also improve one’s health and help prevent the risk of developing different diseases and disorders. Exercising has a long-term positive effect on our lives, which can improve our quality of life.

This article will discuss the High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Workout and the Low-Intensity Interval Training (LIIT) Workout. You may probably already know that HIIT workout is a more intense workout than LIIT workout by their names. However, LIIT workouts can have the same effect as HIIT workouts if done correctly in a longer period.


High-Intensity Interval Training Workouts or HIIT Workouts are workouts wherein people do intense activities and then switch to less intense activities for recovery periods or complete rest. HIIT workouts usually start with a warm-up period that may last at around 15 minutes and are followed by high-intensity exercises, which are performed in numerous sets with a short period of rest, and ends with a cool-down period. Any form of exercise that requires strength training and other intense exercises can be included in HIIT workouts. The goal of a high-intensity workout is to continuously raise your heart rate and then lower it afterward through intense workouts and your recovery periods after it. High-Intensity Interval Training workouts usually last up to 10 to 30 minutes. This is ideal for people who are busy and can only make a short time for working out.

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Essential for Weight Loss

Studies show that High-Intensity workouts can help in losing weight and reducing waist circumference. In some instances, HIIT workouts can help you lose 30 percent more calories than other workouts. Losing weight through dieting can not only lose fat, but it can also lose muscle weight, but losing weight through HIIT workouts can help retain your muscle mass while losing most of the weight from fat.

It Increases Your Metabolic Rate

HIIT workouts do not only help in burning fats, but it can also help in increasing your metabolism. Twenty-four hours after working out, your metabolic rate remains higher, and the number of calories you burn will also increase.

It Improves Your Overall Health

HIIT workouts do not only focus on losing weight and developing muscular strength and endurance. It also helps in enhancing your overall health. It is believed that HIIT workouts can help reduce blood sugar levels. It also helps in preventing the risk of acquiring sickness and diseases.


Low-Intensity Interval Training Workouts are quite identical to HIIT Workouts since their workout also consists of intervals from high intensity to low-intensity workouts with rests in between. However, LIIT Workouts are not as intense as HIIT workouts. LIIT workouts include routines that are not too exhausting to people and longer recovery periods. This kind of workout is best for older adults or for people who are prone to injuries. Even though LIIT workouts are less intense than HIIT workouts, it can also be effective in burning the calories if you simply lengthen the workout session just to compensate for the loss of intensity. You can experience the same advantages you get from doing a HIIT workout when doing a LIIT workout if you always consider putting twice as much time into working out.


It is Easier to Accomplish

LIIT Workouts are easier to do than HIIT workouts because they are less intense; therefore, they require less effort. It is easier for people who are just beginning to work out and for people who are finding it hard to finish a HIIT workout. Aside from being easy, it also helps in lessening the exhaustion of your body and decreasing fatigue.

It Builds Endurance and Strength

Just like HIIT workouts, LIIT workouts also improve muscle strength and endurance. It helps in burning fat and losing weight without dealing with muscle loss on the way. The longer your workout, the stronger your muscles get.

Helps Avoid Injuries

One significant thing about LIIT workouts is that it helps lessen injuries and muscle and joint strains while working out. Since it is less intense, you won’t overwork your bones and muscles, therefore reducing the risk of injuries.

It doesn’t matter whatever the intensity of your workout is. Both have the same benefits and can offer the same results. The important thing is that you’re helping your body and your overall health by proper diet and getting enough exercise.