Inside Baseball’s Growth in Argentina

We all recognize Argentina in almost a second when anybody names Football because Argentina is one the champion teams of Football. The moment you step inside the beautiful land of Argentina, the wide extending posters of Leo Messi welcome you, giving the sign of love of Portenous (People of Argentina) for Football. Argentina is famous for having more than 3000 football coaching clubs training more than 3 million individuals. But the love of Argentina for sports does not come to an end on Football. People show great interest in another tough game like Baseball.

Argentina’s history depicts great stories regarding Baseball. Baseball is gaining fame far and wide in Argentina and the credit goes to the satellite facilities that enable us to see and learn about culture and sports of different nations. Same happens with baseball in Argentina and now people love to follow major Baseball leagues on TV. In fact, the children of Argentina love to play baseball and get trained for it by proper coaches.

Witnessing increasing interest of baseball among the people, a number of volunteering projects have started with the sole purpose of training children living in underprivileged areas of the city of Buenos Aires. For this positive initiative, coaches are required who can work with enthusiasm with kids and train them with baseball whole heartedly.

Baseball coaching role:

Being a coach, one needs to focus on the development of basic skills which are stepping stone of the game baseball like throwing, batting, and running and catching. Developing team ship among the children and keeping themselves motivated is another role of a good coach. Hence Coach will play a major role in developing spirit of baseball in the children who will be the players of tomorrow.

The growing interest of Baseball in Argentina is also evident from the presence of Baseball National Stadium in Ezeiza Partido which was inaugurated in 1977. It can accommodate spectators sizing to about 3000. The national baseball team has won laurels in 7 occasions of South American Baseball Championship which is the true picture of Country’s dedication to sports and also sets example that people of Argentina not only plays Football with full zeal but also display marvelous levels of energy and strength in Baseball. Now Argentina is aiming for Olympics 2020 which will be hosted at Tokyo, Japan.

For coming in form, it was decided that South American Baseball Championship will take place in Argentina’s National Baseball Stadium. In this championship four nations which are Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Chile will compete with each other in neck to neck position in order to acquire the position in Pan American Games that will occur in 2019. Hence South American Baseball Championship is Argentina’s top significant event as the National team’s performance in this mega event will prepare the team to take its position in upcoming Olympics.