Six Tips for Maintaining Your Camper Trailer

Maintaining and caring for your camper trailer is essential if you want to keep on adventuring the wide and wonderful great outdoors for many years to come. Upkeep might not be the most fun thing in the world, and it’s definitely nowhere close to anybody’s favourite part of camping, but once you get the hang of it and you see those brilliant results, you’ll be happy you put the effort in…promise. Here are six top tips to ensure that your camper trailer is in great condition and fighting fit for your explorations, all year round…

Keep it Clean

The best and probably easiest at home tip for keeping your camper trailer ship shape all year round is simply keeping things nice and clean. It is so easy to park up your camper trailer and kind of forget about it until you’re getting the itch to hit the road and pitch up at your nearest campsite, but this does more harm than good. Keeping your camper consistently clean will mean that everything is clear from dust and dirt, all elements of the trailer are fully functional and ready for use and will actually save you time in the long run. No one wants to do a huge clean every time the camping lifestyle comes calling.

Rust and Roofs

Check your roof regularly to ensure that your camper trailer is rust free. This is really essential as rust can cause serious structural damage to your roof and your overall camper model, so listen up campers! Take the time to wash your camper trailer’s roof after any trip to the coast and every couple of months or so to make sure that everything is squeaky clean and rust free.

Cleaning out your Water System

Flushing out your water filtration system is incredibly necessary for keeping yourself and your fellow campers nice and healthy whilst you’re venturing far and wide. Unclean water can lead to a myriad of different issues and complications, so this one is very important and should be done regularly. Clean out your system with a mix of bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar, steriliser or generic household beach mixed with a few litres of water. Add your solution into the water tank, fill with fresh water and run the taps for a good few minutes to clean everything out beautifully.

Check in With the Battery

Don’t simply take your trailer’s battery status as a given! Get in there and check that all is looking well and functional on the regular to avoid any nasty surprises when you’re out in nature – this can be a massive inconvenience or incredibly unsafe, so make sure that you watch out. You can check your battery by using a multimeter to monitor the voltage, if there are no volts then a short circuit may have happened, meaning you need to get a replacement pronto. Look out for any bulging, breakages or cracking as these are a safety hazard.

Avoid Mould

Mould in your camper canvas or in your interior is a big no-no, and a great way of avoiding the damaging and downright daggy impact of mould is by catching it early and cleaning it away with good old fashioned household mould killer. Again, simple, but highly effective.

Check for Signs of Corrosion

Lastly, make sure that you’re keeping an eye out for any potential corrosion happening around your trailer’s screws, joining and roof. You can always swap out smaller details that are eroding away but the bigger ticket items might need additional help to repair.

Following these steps will make your camper trailer always feel like brand new that your family and friends would never want to leave. Also be sure to keep up with trends and be equip with foundational information about owning a camper trailer by visiting Cub Campers and Camp Addict.