The 5 Most Popular Cars of All Times

Cars have fascinated the audience so much that a wide variety of brands and models have emerged in this industry. Each vehicle is designed differently with unique features and attracts its own fan following. People have been obsessed with them and it is one of the most popular passion for boys. Thus companies invest a lot on producing new designs of vehicles and marketing them to the public. The wide range of car lovers can be spotted on various sporting events, car show rooms or show cases where all these addicts gather up to admire the beauties in front of them.

They can even grab one for a test drive or just get to know more about the car information or car-race personalities.  The list of cars keeps on growing. Yet there are some cars that have remained among the best sellers and have a mass fan following. They are some of the classics that are opted due to the features that they offer and are doing good business for their respective firms. Here are some of the car names that have remained popular among the car lovers.

Toyota Corolla

Most Popular Cars of All Times These cars have a good fan following. Since its inception in 1966, the cars have attracted many customers and people prefer it for a safe and smooth drive. The brand has emerged on the top and has sold about 44 million cars to date. The company sells these cars internationally in over 150 countries till now which is the reason that it is able to remain on the top position and is known worldwide.

Volkswagen Golf

Most Popular Cars of All Times Since 1974 The Golf has remained one of the top favorites.  33 million cars have been sold so far and it still keeps on adding up. The comfort of this vehicle makes it as a successful product. It is a reliable car that is worth the cost.

Ford F-Series

Most Popular Cars of All Times The Ford F-Series of trucks is one of the most popular series. It was introduced in 1948 and the series flourished in no time.These trucks are durable and easy to repair. They are especially used in farm houses and are renown over the world. It has remained as the Americas best-selling vehicle overall for past 35 years and still continues to dominate the industry.

Honda Civic

Most Popular Cars of All Times Honda was initially known more popularly for her motorcycles rather than her cars. In 1972 with the launch of the Civic, the company got recognized for its car manufacturing and has continued producing them ever since.  It has even been the best-selling car for 19 years in Canada. Its new models are still up for making.

Volkswagen Passat

Most Popular Cars of All Times The Volkswagen Passat was launched in 1973. The brand has sold over 23 units so far and still remains the crowd favorite.  The vehicle was further developed and made more refined after they saw a peek in sales. It also has Audi underpinnings and is one of the most popular cars of all times.