Tips for Planning a Vacation to the Races

Vacationing to the races can be a thrilling and action-packed one, regardless of the motorsport. There’s no doubt that watching soccer, basketball, and other sports are cool, but it’s nothing compared to the distinct adrenaline pump you can get when attending a race. Of course, like other trips, you need to be well-prepared and well-informed about important things, both on and off track. Don’t fret, though! We’ve listed all of them for you! Here are the best tips for planning a vacation to the races, so all you’d get is an amazing experience from your racing holiday in person.

Book your tickets early.

Same with other major sporting events, booking tickets early will save a good sum of money. Buying tickets at the door is a big no-no, as it can be pretty expensive and hurt your wallet if you’re traveling on a budget.

Be mindful that ticket cost varies depending on your seating preference. General admission tickets are a budget-friendly option, which gives you access to certain areas of the track. Sitting on the grandstand offers the best panoramic views and protection from elements such as sun and rain. Meanwhile, hospitality tickets provide a high-end experience, with access to special viewing nooks, open bars, and the pit lane.

Price may also vary depending on how long you’d stay. There’s the one-day pass ticket and ticket that will cover the whole event. Of course, the latter is more pricey, but again you can book early to get it at a considerably lower cost. You’ll be surprised that many tickets are on sale up to one year ahead of the event.

Look for the best accommodation.

Having proper rest is a key to full enjoyment. That’s why it’s a must to get a great place to stay. Luckily, you won’t find it challenging to do so, as lots of hotels and accommodations will be open during the days of the event.

What makes the difference will be your budget. If you’re traveling with your family, it’s best to opt for hotels for everyone’s comfort. There will be many midrange and luxury hotel options you can choose from.

If you’re a solo traveler, you may save yourself from breaking the bank by staying in a hostel. Just be prepared to share the room with other racing fans from across the world, and don’t expect any luxury. Alternatively, you can also stay at nearby locations outside the host cities. Rates will be cheaper, but do this only if you can endure commuting to and from the tracks.

Search for affordable traveling options.

While it’s enticing to fly straight to the host city, anticipate that plane tickets can be more expensive, given that there can be an ‘F1 surcharge’. To avoid such fees, you can book your flights or nearby airports. Not only booking will be easier, steering you away from other fans trying to do the same, but prices will also be somewhat cheaper. If you have extra time to spend, you may check other traveling alternatives, like self-driving or taking the bus, train, or ferry, whichever will be more convenient for you.

Prepare comfy clothing.

Always strive for comfort when you’re preparing your outfits for the races. Though it may not seem like it, you’ll engage in a fair amount of walking, mostly around the entire track. As such, comfortable shoes are an outright must. Save your flip-flops for the beach!

Make sure to bring loose-fitting, breathable clothes, especially if you’re traveling to hotter cities. Having an extra shirt is recommended, so you’ll have something to change into should you get sweaty because of the weather and the intensity of the race.

While organizers usually schedule events during days when the weather is perfect, nature is incredibly unpredictable. Check weather forecasts and bring sunglasses, hats, and apply sunscreen if hot and humid weather is expected. Of course, grab your umbrella and rain jacket if it tells otherwise. Don’t forget to get a small backpack to pack all your clothing essentials, accessories., and other necessary items.

Take food and drinks in.

Getting food and drinks offered at the races can be ridiculously pricey compared to what most people are used to. If you can, it’s best to bring packed food and drinks instead. You save money and you also free yourself from simply getting chips, hotdogs, and soda.

Each circuit has its own regulation on what food and drinks spectators may bring. Check this information beforehand so you can prepare accordingly. If they are more lenient, take advantage of it and bring light snacks that are easier to digest. You may opt for other fluids, but water is still your best choice so you can stay hydrated, especially during hot weather. If bringing in food and drinks is prohibited, leave them at your hotel, and don’t try to sneak them in to avoid any complications.


The best tip: have fun! Nearly half a billion people watch Formula 1 on television, not including NASCAR, and other motorsport organizations and events. Meanwhile, only a few get the chance to witness the races live. So, if you’re lucky to be one of them, relish the opportunity and have a blast with other like-minded enthusiasts from across the world.