Why Should You Use Waterless Car Wash?

You want to take care of your car, wash it, but you do not have access to a water supply, you do not have a pressure washer or your car is in a parking lot or it is forbidden to wash your car with a water supply, etc. ?You can learn to wash your car without water, or wash your car without rinsing. Simple, requiring little product and material, the technique of washing without rinsing is easy and effective.

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Waterless car washing is a new and environmentally friendly alternative to hand washing and car washes. If you want to clean your car, there are different options for it: The hand wash, a fully automatic car wash or a waterless car wash.If you compare these 3 variants, the waterless car wash is the most environmentally friendly. It not only saves water but also energy and chemicals.

As a result of water scarcity and high water prices, waterless car wash will become more and more popular over the next few years. Therefore, we draw your attention to the use of “without water”. Indeed for washing techniques without water, without rinsing, it will sometimes require one or two buckets of water. It is called “without water” in the sense without arrival of water, without hose or cleaner with high pressure.

A waterless car wash product usually contains a pre-mixed spray of high lubricity used to deeply saturate a panel after which one should cautiously rub off any road grime or to ultimately get a dry shine.Products used in context to waterless car wash should be only for vehicles containing light amount of dirt accumulation.

The washing of car is done by applying a special cleaning spray. There are already many different suppliers of such cleaners. The cleaners remove dirt from the outer skin of your car and leave behind a protective polish film. Most cleaners can be used on all surfaces, not only on the paint, but also on windows, rubber seals and plastic strips.

The spray is simply applied and after a certain time wiped with a microfiber cloth. Overlapping again with a dry cloth will cause the varnish to shine.Waterless cleaning is only recommended for lightly soiled vehicles.In addition to the environmental friendliness, the waterless car wash also has the advantage that you can perform the cleaning at any location, since no water connection is needed. One should always observe the manufacturer’s instructions for use before using the cleaner.

Waterless car wash products are able to remove dirt from the vehicle without damaging it because it divides the particles and separates them from the sheet.

For the molecular breakage of the bonds that join the dirt to the sheet, the ionization eco-technology has been used because “the dirt remains stuck to the car and, if you try to extract it in any way, it scratches

Among the benefits for the environment, the expert has pointed out the saving of water between 200 and 300 liters for a “non-primary” activity, as well as the “highly polluting” waste, which includes substances such as brake stopes.