5 Famous Car Festivals Of All Times

Car Festivals Of All Times

The love of Cars has always united people every year for the petrol-heads to gather-up and be a part of the glamourous events. The liking of cars gives a great opportunity for the lovers to come closer to cars as well as legendary car-rides/ bikers. Test-driving is also available and one can enjoy it thoroughly. It also gives the chance for manufacturers to showcase their cars and concept-test new models or car accessories.

UK has always been popular on gleaming people all across the globe to attend these events that excite them all year round. From classic cars to sports cars, every product gets a chance to come in the spot light and make the audience fall in love with them.

Here we conclude a few of the car festivals that are always on the hit list.

1. Geneva International Motor Show

The Geneva International Motor Show is one of the largest internationally recognized shows that hosts up in Switzerland’s second biggest city. The main attraction of this show is that it showcases the new and latest designs of cars. They test new concept models that are epic for grabbing attention of the crowd. It is one of the biggest auto shows in the world that always has an increasing number of visitors. Not only are the new cars show cased but also other accessories and parts of cars are exhibited here

2. London Motor Show

The London Motor Show is a perfect place to grab a hold of new cars and test-drive them. You can meet all the motoring legends here and get closer to them. All the known brands always attend this festival and it is a spot known for new innovations and glam of iconic and historical vehicles.

3. GoodWood Festival of Speed

The festival of Speed calls itself the most largest and famous of all Car shows in UK. It is held over the long summer weekend and showcases the beauties be it cars or bikes. You will surely enjoy the traditional Hill Climb and watch the super cars and bikes dash for the race. You can also see real life replicas of Wacky Races cars and socialize with motoring legends. From Edwardian classics to the hottest Formula 1 models, no form of beauty is left un-attended

4. CarFest

It is a Festival hosted in two locations, the North in Cheshire and South in Hampshire as the creation by Chris Evan.  No doubt, it is a true car festival that not only exhibits latest cars but also stages music and food and drinks alongside. It is a pure entertainment platform with the exception of being dedicated to motoring delights. There is a hill climb as well along with car club displays, vintage village and Sporting Bears Dream Rides exhibit . It has always been a warm and exciting event.

5. Formula 1 British Grand Prix

The Formula-One season is a race held at Silver Stone, a three-day weekend that exhibits some of the best cars and drivers out on the track.  It stages continuously since its inception in 1950.  You can also book a close up and get a chance to see the cars more closely. The live action is a thrill for the audience who enjoy each and every bit of the colorful event.