Coffee Culture in Argentina

Coffee Culture in Argentina

Argentina being rich in culture, street art and how can we forget to mention everyone’s favorite football, is also famous for its love for Coffee. People of Argentina just love to take out time from their busy schedule and relax while having coffee. They enjoy coffee in different forms and different mood. When the people of Argentina are alone, they enjoy solitude while having a coffee cup in hand and enjoy it with newspaper headlines. When the people are in the mood of socializing, they enjoy their time talking with friends in their favorite café and get amused with their amigos while drinking coffee slowly.

The coffee sources, to suffice the love of coffee for the people of Argentina, who are also known as Portenos, are Brazil, Costa Rica and Colombia. Also some variants of Coffee Mixes are purchased from Africa and Vietnam. The most admired Coffee form of the people of Argentina is Espresso but they prefer it without sugar.

If anyone of you is planning for a wonderful coffee, let me save you with the burden of making a café search. Here is a quick overview of 6 best Coffee Café that are a definite go-to places when someone is craving for smooth delicious coffee.

1.     El Ateneo Grand Splendid:

The first preference in line is El Ateneo Grand Splendid Café. If you are looking for a theatrical experience and want to get surrounded by countless books shelves then this café is the number one choice.

2.         Las Violetas:

If you desire for a classical archaic place with columns reaching roof top from ground, waiters serving in erect posture dressed up all white and a calm majestic ambiance then this café is the perfect choice to make.

3.         La Biela:

When the mood is casual and a person is looking for outdoor experience just to enjoy the day breeze and the historic plazas, La Biela is the place to visit which provides good food and great coffee.

4.         Ninina Bakery:

If you are looking for some deliciously healthy eating stuff, Ninina is the right choice to make because it offers fresh and home- made bakery items that can be enjoyed eating at home. Along with mouth watering cakes and pastries, Ninina also offers complete breakfast range.

5.         Lab:

For the precise taste coffee lovers, there is a good news that Café named  “LAB” offers finest of Cappuccinos in Argentina. The staff on board analyzes each coffee bean to measure its right strength, unique flavor and acidity to come up with the finest taste which the customers are looking for to comfort their taste buds.

6.         Coffee Town:

When the coffee beans selected intelligently from all over the globe to create a perfect blend of Coffee, Coffee lovers cannot control themselves from pouring in Café proudly known as “Coffee Town”.  Its edge on other coffee shops is that it provides the opportunity to have a perfect coffee in an environment buzzing with people and surrounded by antique buildings.

Argentina is an amazing country and know for many things beyond its coffee such as Mendoza for its Wine, love of soccer and so much more.