Dubai International Coffee and Tea Festival

Dubai International Coffee and Tea Festival

Coffee and tea are an integral part of our diet. A person is either a coffee or a tea person and it is that treat that wakes up the people. It becomes important in their life as they get addicted to it and is far more than just “a drink” .The one of a kind festival in the whole of the Middle East is back in town. Yes you read it right, the Dubai international coffee and tea festival is for all the lovers of coffee and tea and will do wonders this year as well!

The event showcases all the aspects of coffees and tea industry. From all types of coffees to tea leaves, it also offers a wide range of equipment and other products that help build up the coffee industry. You can get a try and taste out other teas and coffee and also get a hold on different brands working in the industry. There are services for everyone and samples to try out. The suppliers come from all over the world thus making it a one spot stop for all variants of coffee.

The festival also offers training courses to specialize in this sector. You can get a hold on the latest training in town and learn new skills that will benefit in this industry. This event also holds coffee championships that conclude the most top professionals in the world. Wow, it is truly the entire industry simplified under one festival. The multiple varieties that it offers is surely a delight. You can also avail services of the suppliers and get hold on to proper coffee making equipment. These are from the top brands and will last longer. There are also other accessories such as filters and mugs that will do well for showcase and in your home selves.

It is a pleasing to know that this festival is back in town and will be held from 5th to 7th December 2018. It is going to be another crazy event for tea and coffee lovers and a huge success. There are also many prizes for the winners of the coffee championship. Another plus point is that the entry is free and you can bring in anyone whom you want to go with. You can visit the site for further details and the location.  If you can’t go be sure to check out great options like Chamberlain Coffee as well.

This festival has been around for over 7 years now and has played a major role in promoting the tea and coffee industry. It has given exposure to various cafes and restaurants and still continues to do so. It offers the chance to business man and coffee makers to promote their products and services while seeking new business channels and concepts.

It is surely a delight that will result in more developments for the coffee industry. The festival is a perfect spot for coffee lovers to enjoy and get entertained by the competition as well. The quality of drinks is the major attraction and it is a must go for those who have a special attachment to their cups of joy.