Best Places to Visit on a Trip to Argentina

Best Places to Visit on a Trip to Argentina

As the eighth-largest country in the world, Argentina has a bevy of stunning attractions, ranging from awe-inspiring landscapes, teeming wildlife, vibrant cities, and its passionate culture. It’s no wonder that it draws more or less 7 million travelers annually, who want to see the amazing destinations in the country. If you’re one … Read more

Tips for Keeping Your Feet Healthy When Playing Soccer

Tips for Keeping Your Feet Healthy When Playing Soccer

As the main part of the body used in soccer, healthy feet are a must for maximum performance and utmost enjoyment when playing the sport. While blisters, calluses, cramping, and other injuries are pretty common, they are actually avoidable or manageable, as long you devote proper care to your feet. To help … Read more

What are the Greatest Sports Cars of All Time?


The development of the combustion engine heralded a new era in the world of transportation, giving birth to motor-powered machines and better mobility. It trickled down to the invention of sports cars, purposely built with minimum weight, compact frame, sleek design to achieve dynamic performance, streamlined aerodynamics, and lithe handling. Adding these … Read more

Technology Used in Formula 1 Racing Cars

A race car driver with a HANS device

It seems that the crazy automobile techs we only used to see in sci-fi films could actually be our future reality, thanks to Formula 1 (F1). The innovations in this motorsport are said to be supercharging the world – introducing new technological applications year after year in the quest for that ultimate speed. F1 … Read more

Racing and Strategy of Formula 1 Racing

an F1 driver wearing a gray suit and a helmet

Formula 1 (F1) racing is a global leviathan that gulps millions of viewership every season. As internationally acclaimed motorsport, F1 never ceases to satisfy and please the crowd – from the stunning, edgy single-seater automobile designs to top-notch engineering technology incorporated within each car. It is an enormous opportunity to witness such a thrilling … Read more

Famous Formula 1 Racing Tracks Around the World

Marina Bay at night

Formula 1 (F1) racing began its history as soon as automobiles were invented, and since then, with just a short halt during World War II, motorsport had taken the world by storm. Undoubtedly, F1 racing is now an important ingredient in motorsports entertainment – all thanks to the legendary drivers and manufacturers who became world champions … Read more

World Rally Championship: Rally Finland

A Toyota rally car

WHAT IS WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP? It is erratic, tricky, and unpredictable – these are but few accurate words to describe what the World Rally Championship (WRC) is. WRC really is the ultimate test of man and his machine with its 12 two to three-day rally events held on quite unforgiving surfaces ranging … Read more

Top 5 NHRA Champions of All Time

We can all agree that all those who fall in the realm of motorsports entertainment are truly worth the slot in your bucket list, and when we talk about auto racing as a sport, there is no doubt that drag racing often steals the spotlight. Badass fire-breathing machines – that’s only one of the … Read more

Know More About NASCAR Cup Tracks

Talladega Superspeedway

As the prime authority in stock car racing, NASCAR has nurtured motorsport to become a national entertainment in the United States and be a spectacle in the international spotlight. In its more glorious years decades back, every NASCAR race was an invitation one cannot resist by both fans and newbies alike. Every track raced … Read more

Famous NASCAR Series Cars

No. 43 blue-and-red car at Phoenix in 1989

Most frequently, when people see someone capturing the checkered flag, people would immediately wonder who the driver is – and for obvious reasons. Without the driver who turns into monsters down the tracks while speeding and zooming past their fellow contenders, a spectacular race won’t be possible. But these drivers, no matter … Read more

Bill France Performance Cup

the Chevrolet logo

If there’s a name in NASCAR bigger than anyone else’s, it will be the name ‘Bill France.’ There are two of them, actually. Bill France Sr. and his son, Bill France Jr., both served as chief executive officer (CEO) of NASCAR. Bill France Sr. (born William Henry Getty France) had been instrumental … Read more

Stages of NASCAR Race

NASCAR’s Daytona 500 logo

NASCAR racing has been around for too long for the world to witness its growth from being the commoner’s bootleg race to becoming an elite, nationally recognized motorsport. Its first few years were a massive success – pulling thousands after thousands of fans across the US, especially right after its live TV … Read more

NASCAR Sprint Cup Cars

2020 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE L in black and violet colors

NASCAR Sprint Cup endures being one of the most exciting and exhilarating motorsports events in the United States. The heated races, seasoned with flaring emotions and car crashes here and there, prove this sport’s intensity and entertainment value at the same time. Considered the pinnacle of motorsports, NASCAR’S Sprint Cup becomes a … Read more

Triathlon vs Time Trial Bikes

water bottle storage on a bike

Time and time again, we get these questions like, “What kind of bike should I get? Or “What’s the difference between this and that bike?” Well, it’s quite normal… and wise, to say the least. An outsider in the biking world would say, “Why should we bother about the differences? They’re all … Read more

Top 5 Motorsports Events in the World

formation lap for the 1996 Monaco Grand Prix

Zooming speed. Twisting turns. Rushing adrenaline. Car-guy or not, it is highly unlikely that you would take a hard pass when given a chance to watch in person some of the biggest and grandest auto car racing events that exist on the planet. In some countries where car racing is an annual … Read more

Top 10 Greatest Formula 1 Race Drivers in the US History

Formula One logo

Formula One has been a struggling sport in the United States but remains one of the most heart-pounding motorsports. Although the sport literally traversed many circuits across the US, its popularity does not go too well compared to other host countries. The survivability and continuation of a sport do not only rely on … Read more