5 Top Events And Festivals In Richmond, VA

Richmond’s festivals are a fine combination of fun and fitness. From good food to live concerts, from Classical Shakespeare’s play performances to yoga classes in lush green gardens, from games to drinks, you can have it all at one place that is none other than Richmond.

So let’s have a quick overview of the activities that you can enjoy at Richmond’s Festivals.

1.       Pocahontas Premiers:

Pocahontas State parks becomes the center of attraction for series of concerts and live theatres. Even movies are showed at night with stars under the sky. This is such a romantic night. All you need to do is to bring in your lawn chair to make yourself comfortable and a blanket to keep yourself warm so that you can enjoy the movie and rock yourself up at the concert.

2.       Richmond Greek Festival:

This is Richmond’s oldest and most look forward outdoor festival that takes place at Grove Avenue. Finger licking good food, dances of troupes and music from Greece are the attractions of this event.

3.       Peace love Yoga Festival:

The idea which was once a vision of two long-time friends to bring the culture of day long yoga class in Richmond is now celebrated with full zeal each year in the city of Richmond. The activities during this day consist of music which echoes far and wide whole day, tempting vegetarian food and the most important; Yoga Classes which are led by finest yoga instructors. The motive behind this festival is to enable the participants to enjoy the wisdom of meditation and yoga and ensure a healthy environment.

4.       Richmond’s Shakespeare Festival:

This finest display of Shakespeare’s Play performance will take you back in the historic era of England. The featured performances on “Romeo and Juliet” and “As you like it” always leave the audience awestruck. The performances start at 7:30pm whereas the courtyard venue is opened for the picnickers at 6:00pm letting them to enjoy the songs and sonnets being played and the setup atmosphere of the venue.

5.       Dogwood Dell Festival of Arts:

If you are looking for exquisite art and craft and want to get carried away with dance performances and want to get mesmerized by eye catching theatres, then Dogwood Dell Festival of arts is the event you are dreaming for. For this you only need to book your seat at Amphitheatre and enjoy all forms of dances like classical, jazz, rock etc and admire the exhibition of fine art. The message when tried to be portrayed via theatre performance is conveyed in the best way. And you can get all flavors under one roof at this festival.