Things to focus in BJJ: a beginner’s guide!

There are a few things that a beginner of martial arts in the Brazillian JIU-JITSU should know. It can either lead to a big victory or loss for him if he doesn’t focus on the basics of Jiu-Jitsu martial arts. If you want to learn BJJ, you should know its basics to follow a good match’s rules.

Some of the basic techniques are as follows;

1. Take the person in your grip

Take the person in your grip

JIU-JITSU can be very tough for a weak person as it takes a lot of effort to take the opposite person in the grip. This can be time taking to get well trained in the perfect arts of BJJ. When you come in contact with the opponent, you should know properly about the tricks you can do to perform well on a mat.

You can work on your grappling and grips strategies by time. A fresh person in this field is usually not able to grip the other person properly. He needs daily practice and learns many rules to take the other person down on the mat.

An old student can perform a lot of tricks to grip the opponent while a beginner needs to know many strengthening abilities that he can avail with time.

2. Keep Breathing

Keep Breathing

The beginners need to have proper detailed knowledge of the tasks they need to perform in a JIU-JITSU match. Many students are not able to perform well at the beginning of their games as they don’t have their hands mastered in it.

They really need to breathe again and again to do well and good. They should not get hyper, and there is no need for them to overreact on the issues ongoing in a match. This could make them lose it and lose their temper as well.

In the starting days of learning these tricks, they need to be very relaxed yet strengthened towards their goals. They should take it easy as everything takes time to be learned well.

3. Passing the Guard

Take the person in your grip 2

Let’s come to the tricky part of BJJ as it takes so much strength for a person who is a beginner to do this. What you can do to make it easier and quicker is to take the standing control of the other person by the other person’s standing guard pass. This is done by directly pinning on the other person, i.e. opponent’s leg, and takes the control. This is not the only way to do this. There are other ways as well to take the other person’s guard into your control.

4. Bridging


This is the most important part of this art that the beginners need to know. What they do in this step is that they drive off their feet that let the person’s bottom body to rise in the air from the position of the mat in an upward direction.

Beginners mostly need to know these techniques as it is used for their defense from the side control of the opponent. The forward and upward motions of the lower body of the person help him a lot in different attacks to take control.

5. Forward and Backward Rolls

Firstly, this is a very effective technique to take your match to the next level. You can take control of the whole if you know these rolls.

Their benefits include your safety from the opponent’s attacks. In case if an opponent has already attacked you, these rolls can help you in your defense. You perform this act by tucking your head on the floor and rolling on the weight of your shoulder, to save your neck from bending. You can roll forward or backward depending upon the situation. You can do this to attack, defend, and retrieve.

Some important points to note are that you need your body and mind to get fully prepared for the Brazillian JIU-JITSU. You should be highly motivated and get ready for any move. Moreover, you need a proper dress up for BJJ martial arts. As it is very important. It needs a lot of practice at the start, but once you learn the basic tricks, you can do a lot better.