Things To Know About E3 Expo

Know About E3 Expo


Electronic Entertainment Expo is stylishly and proudly known as E3. It is the remarkable mega trade event of gaming industry. This premier event takes place at Los Angeles Convention center where huge number of leading companies excelling in computers, video games, electronic gadgets and related products showcase their ground breaking innovative technologies and highly used existing products. In the digital world of E3 un-paralleled exposure is provided to new and existing technology specialists, video gamers and socially admired public figures. This grand event continues for 3 days where geeks present themselves and their products in unique manners.

E3 is governed by Entertainment Software Association (ESA) which is a US association, intended for the purpose of fulfilling of business and public affairs needs of companies, developing video games and handheld digital devices. ESA also provides software companies legal and policy analysis facilities and also safeguard global content.


The lovers of digital gadgets from all walks of digital world, be they are software developers, distributors, leading company owners, media experts, financers, importers and exporters, gamers, entrepreneurs; were the highlighted part of E3. They gathered from more than 100 countries of the world under the digital roof provided by E3 at Log Angeles Convention center.


Electronic Entertainment Expo has chalked out well defined rules and regulations that need to be abide by the attendees in order to maintain discipline during the exhibition and avoid chaos. So the rules are as under:

1.       17 is the permissible age. No one below 17 years of age will be allowed during E3.

2.       Displaying photo ID is mandatory. The security can ask to show their photo ID any time.

3.       All attendees are strictly instructed to wear their E3 badges. Swapping E3 badges with one another is not allowed. If caught with badges swapped, then not only will the badges be confiscated by the security but also that attendee would be terminated from E3 exhibition.

4.       Any form of physical or sexual harassment, violence, threats and stalking are not acceptable.

5.       No racism and discrimination is tolerated at E3.

6.       As per E3 Policy, each attendee agrees to being harmless and also in case of any injury during performance at E3.

7.       All decisions and judgements are solely at discretion of Entertainment Software Association and any decision cannot be challenged.


The mega trade event i.e; E3 is partnered with below listed sponsors making the event grander and appealing.

1.       Twitch which is launched in 2011 and gained its reputation in video gaming culture.

2.       Future is globally renowned media group who publish about digital technologies, mobile and print properties. They also offer solutions to clients regarding gaming, technicalities and lifestyle.

3.       Alist which is having a member community of over 700,000 making publications about trends, data analysis and marketing insights promoting readership and connecting people for sharing ideas.

4.       Gamasutra is an independent website which is working dedicatedly towards development of video games. Its monthly game developers’ count has now reached to 650,000.