World’s Top Boating Festivals

These different celebrations around the globe are the actual attractions which mingle up the nations and invite people round the world to come and enjoy on these special occasions.

So among numerous fancy festivals taking place round the globe, let’s target those celebrations incorporating one of its kind boats floating on the tides:

1. Dragon Boat Festival, China:

This dragon boat festival is also celebrated in other countries but it is originated in China. This festival is celebrated to promote health and well-being of people and to prevent the signs of evil. 80 people row the boat which is designed in the shape of dragon and made up of teak wood. The boat race is followed by eating their special food named zongzi which is a kind of sticky rice wrapped around bamboo leaves.

2. Kerala Boat Festival, India:

The most look forward boat festival that takes place in Kerala state of India is also known as vallam kali. Paddled long boats in the shape of canoe are used during the event. The main aim behind this festival is to promote love, team spirit and good relations among the people. This Kerala Boat Festival marks the harvest festival named Onam in the month of autumn. Hence people of Kerala celebrates Harvest in their own way and give positive image to world.

3. Phaung DawOo Pagoda Festival, Burma:

It is one of the largest Buddhist festivals in Burma which is celebrated around the villages near Inle Lake. This event continues for three days starting from waxing moon to the sight of full moon. During this event hundreds of people row longboats in unison giving the impression of procession.

4. MyState Australian Wooden Boat Festival, Australia:

The above mentioned festival is the award winning maritime event that takes place in Australia. During the event, hundreds of beautiful boats are gathered in southern hemisphere. This event marks its glorious opening with graceful parade of sail on Friday and it is continued till Monday. Thousands of people come to enjoy this beautiful and colourful event from far off places.

5. Regata Storica, Italy:

Gondolas are the cultural heritage of beautiful city of Italy named Venice. Regata Storica is the most admirable boating marathon that is held in the romantic city, Venice. This marathon includes four races that occur on first Sunday of the month of September every year. During this recreational event, traditional gondolas are lined up marching on the tides and the participants dress themselves up in 16th Century Costume. The “Gondolini Regatta” is the most popular race in Regata Storica which is center of attraction of all spectators. During this thrilled race two Oarsmen per gondola race from starting line to finish line against a number of competitors and people stand cheering for them at Paleto.