How to Find the Best Bookies for Matched Betting

A bookie is a gaming platform or an individual that accepts and pays off bets on different events. Matched betting is a technique individuals use to earn money from free bets and incentives offered by bookies.

When you are placing a bet, it is not always about the money but also the trust. Here are some tips for finding the best bookies for matched betting


When choosing a bookie from the list of best bookies for matched betting, the most crucial factor is to ensure the bookie has a proper license to accept online bets. A licensed bookie does not always translate into a flawless experience. It is an assurance that indicates you have someone to complain to when something goes wrong with a money transaction.

There is a grey market operating in online betting, and some online betting platforms continue to operate without proper licenses. Hence, you need to always stick to bookies legally allowed to place or accept bets on gambling platforms.

Check Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and Ratings can tell you a lot about the best bookies. Like any other service, you need to do a bit of groundwork before selecting a bookie from the list of best bookies for matched betting. Doing well-versed research on bookies and reading reviews and ratings of the bookie at different sites will tell you whether the bookie is reliable or not.

Reviews can help you discover several crucial things about bookies, like whether the bookie pays promptly, has good customer support, and follows the proper protocol.

Ongoing Betting Promotions

After registering on the betting platform and making the first deposit, the thing that attracts bettors is the attractiveness of ongoing betting promotions. The betting promotions might be unique, like Multiple insurances, loyalty programs, price boosts, and money-back specials. Some bookies may not offer any enhancements that excite the bettor.

Deposits and Withdrawal Methods

The deposits and withdrawal methods tell you a lot about the bookie’s stability, reliability, and reputation. Most bookies work with bank transfers and credit/debit transactions.

Some bookies also offer options of e-wallets, PayPal, and Paysafe cards. If you prefer a specific deposit and withdrawal method, make sure the bookie you choose offers that option. Other important things to consider are:

  • Deposit and Withdrawal fees – Most bookies do not charge any transaction fees to deposit or withdraw on their sites. However, some bookies do charge a flat fee per transaction. Hence, it is always good to know about deposit and withdrawal fees before choosing a bookie.
  • Minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts– It is common to see bookies mentioning a minimum threshold for deposit and withdrawals. Most bookies require players to deposit a minimum of $100 at a time. Also, these cookies allow you to withdraw an amount when your total earnings equal $100 or more.

Minimum Bet Stake

Every bettor wants to place a bet with a minimum amount to reduce the risk. Before selecting any bookie, read the terms and conditions related to placing bets. It would help if you looked for the minimum bet stake precisely.

Some bookies allow players to place bets as low as $2. Though this is not the ideal minimum bet stake, you need to select a bookie that satisfies your minimum bet stake requirements.

To sum up, these are some valuable tips to select the best bookie for matched betting.