Facts about Air Jordan

Facts about Air Jordan

Air Jordan is a series of basketball shoes and athlete clothing by Nike. It was initially made for Michael Jordan, from where it got its name. It was introduced on November 17, 1984 about 34 years ago and is sold worldwide with favorable responses. Here you can read out the complete history of Air Jordon on www.liveforbball.com

The Air Jordan’s classics were the basketball shoes but they later developed on many different types and modes for other sports wear. Jimmy Butler, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Kawhi Leonard are some of the players who have endorsed these shoes. The brand has also sponsored leagues such as the MLB, NFL, NASCAR, WNBA etc. Nike has always maintained its standard quality and has also evolved around making shoes especially for football. New designs and styles still continue to be produced under the same name even though Michael Jordan retired from playing basketball back in 2003. Here are some of the interesting facts that you probably didn’t know about these sneaker collection.


Facts about Air JordanThe initial drawing of the ball and wing logo was sketched on spot by  Peter Moore while super-agent David Falk gave the Name “Air Jordon”.

Swing between tennis and basketball

Falk initially wanted Jordan to be treated as a tennis player rather than a basketballer.

Rookie by Chance

Michael Jordan succeeded in becoming the most exciting player in the NBA. Due to his increase in popularity, the shoes got an immense response when they were released in the market and ran out of stock.

Air Jordan II and Swoosh

Air Jordan II was the first Nike shoe that did not have the swoosh logo. It instead concentrated on the design and style.

Significance of Italy

Facts about Air JordanThe Jordan II was the only shoes that were produced in Italy and became a symbol of luxury.

Unique design

Nike frequently experiments and comes up with new designs for the shoes but the “jump man” logo is mostly incorporated in all of them.

Flashing Lights

The Air Jordan V was the first shoe to be designed with 3M material that allowed it to stand out promptly and reflect in areas where flash lights were on.

The Hare Jordan Campaign

The hare Jordan campaign seemed quite brainless.Yet, the cost of add ranged about $1 million and took about 6 months inmaking .It is one of the longest time that was spend on a add, that too involving about 25 different artists.

Michael Jordan’s Retirement

Tinker Hatfield was advised to close down the shoe line when Michael Jordan retired from NBA. At this time Jordan VIII would have been the last model. But still, Tinker continued to produce new models of the shoes under the same name.

Air Jordan XIs

Tinker Hatfield took inspirations from the weirdest of things that came across him. The Air Jordan XI was one of the shoes whose design was inspired from a mere lawn mower.

Online Selling

The world famous shoes can be purchased online through the official website. It guarantees the authenticity of the shoes and is a direct purchase from the brand.

Things to Buy Before Playing Baseball

Buy Before Playing Baseball

A good game of baseball is a pure source of entertainment. It is a game about team spirit and is loved by all. The interest and enthusiasm is just as much as it is to watch it in live or on the television screens. This sporty game is played all over the world, in stadiums and playgrounds. It is game of joy and has attracted many to opt for this sport. It is important to enjoy such a play when you are fully prepared to play for it. It is not like other sports that need a mere bat or ball, and you do need equipment to have a proper game. Here is a list of some of the things that you need to buy before you start playing the game.

Batting Gloves

Buy Before Playing BaseballA very important part of the game is good gloves. They allow for a good and firm grip over the wall and also shield the skin. Gloves can come in nylon or spandex back. The palm is usually made from sheepskin for more durability and additional padding can be added to decrease vibrations since it is a very rough game.

Glove Conditioner

They are a good and much needed merchant that you should use often to increase the durability of the gloves. They protect the gloves from filth and help keep them in better condition.

Bat Bag

If you are a baseball lover than you know that you need to carry a lot of stuff with you. This includes at least two bats, gloves, balls, batting gloves, warm-up jacket, shoes and more.  A bat bag is good to store all the equipment together. They come in various shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Many of them are easy to hang on rails and it depends on how much you want to invest in to have a good quality Bag.


Buy Before Playing BaseballNo game is good without a proper record on the score and game stats. A scorebook should be used to record and measure all the play and avoid confusion in the end when fighting ends up on calculating the score. The books come in 16 and 18 player format.

Heart Guards

Heart Guards are one of the latest technologies in this field.  It provides a plastic shield over your chest area to help protect your chest as you go through a lot of tough positions. It helps in protecting the heart area and also from drastic injuries.

Glove Stringing Kits

Since gloves are integral to the play, it is good to carry one of such kits with you. They come in black or brown leather and include a metal stringing needle or hook with enough leather to restring a glove.

Pine Tar Rags

The batter rubs the rag along the bat handle to provide a good grip. This helps the batter to steady his position and get control of the bat. It is used for wooden bats.