MLB Food Fest

MLB Food Fest

Food fest is a word itself that drives all food lovers into a top-notch place where they have their favorite food. The feel of the tantalizing taste upon eating their favorite dishes, makes them hungry for even more. It is a mini heaven on earth and the MLB food fest can be one of the best food fest to compress all the top rated foods available in the ball parks, on a single plate. It’s just so tempting that it can’t be explained in words. So if you are a true fan of food than surely it is a must try. 

About 30 ballparks and their best dishes are served here and no such is available elsewhere. MLB food fest,  this time to be held in New York city also plans to do wonders by offering another unique set of dishes including new variations as well as classics and fan favorites of all times.

There is a hot dog art gallery and a massive popcorn pit as well but the main attraction is the food in itself. The menu is absolutely ravishing with hot dogs, churros, pig pickin, toasted roaches , lobster rolls etc. The best part about this is that it is one of a kind of culinary experience as the best food items of the ballparks are served here. This is the same reason why the samples are smaller in size than the regular ones. There are sandwiches, chicken, nachos, fries, burgers, every item that a food-lover can think of. It’s like a whole bbq in one place, full mac n cheese, grilled chicken sandwiches, everything that brings water in my mouth. Think about the people who wait for it as they are not able to visit all the ballparks and get a simplified version of the food in one spot only.

It is best to be enjoyed by all the attendants. You should keep in mind that the food will be served only during your ticket time slots so you should make the best of the two- hour ticket. There are also different types of tickets such as a ticket for food only, or a ticket for food and beer. You can purchase according to your needs.

MLB food fest is completely indoors and a safe place. No wonder it gets sold out, who would miss such an opportunity for a variety of food items!  People even get a hold of the list in advance and rank them on how eagerly they are waiting to try the dishes. Everyone has their own personal favorite. It is a price-worth event in terms of value for money and combination of food items. Do check out the list of foods in the festival, you never know that you find something that you always wanted to try!