Upsides and Downsides of Wearing Wristbands and Headbands

When playing or watching sports, you might’ve noticed many athletes wearing trendy wristbands or headbands, coming in various colors, styles, and designs. Along with it, you may have also wondered why they wear them in the first place? While fashion is indeed part of the reason, there are actually lots of benefits athletes get when wearing these sport bands. If you have sported one of them yet, here are the amazing upsides and a few considerable downsides that may help you decide why you should add them to your sporting gear.

Upsides of Wearing Wristbands and Headbands

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Absorbs sweat 

Sweating from sports is definitely a good thing. It’s a natural process of the body for cooling down and a sign that you’re engaging in a great athletic activity. Nevertheless, you still don’t want sweat getting into your eyes or hands, affecting your vision or making your hands slippery. Imagine playing basketball or tennis without being able to fully see or get good control or grip of the ball or racket? It just spells disaster, especially in competitive and professional sports.

That is where wristbands and headbands become more notably beneficial. It absorbs sweat and prevents it from trickling down the face, eyes, and hands, ensuring that you get to perform at your best. Wearing them prevents scenarios where you experience pain in your eyes and need to squint or close them, just because of sweat. It can cause you to miss critical opportunities or even cause you the entire game.

Keeps hair out of your face

Sports entails lots of movement, which also causes your hair to sway in all directions and onto your face. Thus, blocking your vision. Headbands help tame your hair, more importantly, if you have a long one. You don’t need to cut it down. Just don a headband to tame your hair and avoid it from slowing down your game. It’s a simple gear but does the work.

Makes you feel cool and comfortable

With its moisture-wicking properties, sports headbands also help you feel cool. By reducing the sweat that accumulates as you play, it helps you lower your core temperature and avoid your body from overheating. Plus, without the heavy and sticky feel also brought by sweat, you’ll feel more comfortable, enabling you to focus and perform at your nest.

Allows you to be more visible

Wearing wristbands and headbands aren’t only confined to tennis, basketball, or football. If you’re into running, having them is as valuable. They help you become more noticeable, especially after the sun goes down. Opt for brighter colors and designs that will make you stand out. It will be easier for vehicles or other runners to spot you, adding to your safety.

Makes you feel empowered

Apart from the listed benefits, sports enthusiasts and athletes from across the world wear these sports gear as it makes them feel more empowered. Some use them to intimidate their opponents or use them to convey certain causes and advocacies. Others can’t play without wearing them as it’s been a part of their identity. Meanwhile, there are also athletes who wear them deeming it positively affects the way they perform or the results of their events. Don’t forget that the mental aspect is part of the game and is as important as your physical conditioning when it comes to winning the game.

Downsides of Wearing Wristbands and Headbands

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Wearing headbands repeatedly may damage the hair and cause breakage around the hairline or flyaways when removing them. That is why you need to devote extra caution and get the right fit and avoid extra pressure. Find something that just fits snugly, so it won’t fall down or squeeze your wrist or head. Thus, enabling you to just enjoy all the perks and avoid them from being a distraction.